Root BlueStacks – Download & Install Rooted BlueStacks [How To]

Root BlueStacks – Download & Install Rooted BlueStacks [How To]
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Root access is a must have for Android power users. If you’re about to take your Android experience to your Desktop PC having Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or a Mac OS X powered Macbook or iMac by means of BlueStacks Android emulator, you may want to go beyond the boundaries and checkout what your virtual Android device has got. Android’s open nature doesn’t only allow Android users to explore the hidden treasure on their device only, but it can be done on a virtual device that is running through an emulator. Some of you may be very new to root access, to wipe of any confusion, we will have a look on what is root access.

Basically, Root access can help you to access locked features of your Android device. These features are apparently locked by device manufacturers for user’s safety and security. Android’s charm doesn’t let the users stick to the stock material and urges them to tweak the OS to get the maximum out of their devices which leads to the root access. After rooting your Android device, you can install root specific applications which can greatly enhance the performance of your device, enhance the battery life of your device and also bring tons of new features to your device which you may not be able to add otherwise. Root access is not limited to an Android device only, but if you’re running a virtual Android OS over another OS like Windows, you can also root it. For now our target is BlueStacks app player, which is the most popular and free Android emulator to use apps for PC.

Apparently you can make the full use of your virtual Android device through BlueStacks, but did you ever wonder if you can go a little beyond or not? Well, BlueStacks works like any other normal Android device apparently and in its stock from, you can’t install any root specific application on it. Let’s say, you want to install Root explorer to access the core of your BlueStacks app player and make tweaks to some files. How will you do so without root access? That’s where having root rights will become handy. Having a pre rooted BlueStacks app player has many other advantages that you may come across after installing it. For now, we will help you to download and install rooted BlueStacks app player on your Windows PC. 

How To Root BlueStacks App Player – Download Rooted BlueStacks

Step#1: Uninstall any previous version of BlueStacks app player if installed.

Step#2: Download Rooted BlueStacks app player and install it.

Step#3: Setup your BlueStacks app player using this guide.

Step#4: Install “Root Checker” from Google Play Store in BlueStacks and verify root access.

Step#5: Enjoy your rooted BlueStacks now. Look for some cool root applications here.

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